Hull FC veteran Gareth Ellis signs new deal for 2020 season

Former Great Britain ahead Gareth Ellis is to play into his 40th year after signing a contract with Hull FC for 2020.
Hull have also continued their recruitment with the addition of former Hull KR utility player Joe Cator, 21, in a deal from Leigh.
Ellis, who will be 39 next May, assisted a run of 13 consecutive defeats halts and hung up his boots to become the football manager of Hull but came out of retirement a fortnight to the 2019 season.
He will be, by some distance, the first participant in Super League next season and may even break the list of former Bradford and Catalans Dragons second-rower Steve Menzies, who was three weeks short of his 40th birthday when he played his last match to the French club at 2013.
Ellis said:Following my first comeback early in 2019, I did not expect to be in and about the group for the remainder of the season. I thought it would only be a bit of a final swansong for me personally.
But I had that taste and it made me realise I was still enjoying playing that turned in to me playing 20 games thats pretty much a full season for me.
It was probably about 10 or 15 games into the season when people started asking me the question as to whether I thought I might go around back in 2020. And with how I had been feeling, I had been pretty sure I managed to achieve that.
Ellis, who played for Wakefield, Leeds and Wests Tigers, has made more than 350 looks in Super League and also the NRL, winning two Grand Final rings in the procedure and two rebounds Cups with Hull.
Hull trainer Radford stated:The role he is going to play for us is going to be different to the one that he played a few years ago, however he adapts and evolves hell be just as important.
He brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership qualities he will undoubtedly pass on to the remainder of the squad also carries himself with the utmost professionalism, as we watched and off the field last year
Meanwhile, the Hull-born Cator becomes Radfords eighth new signing for 2020 and provides utility value to his group having an ability to perform hooker back-row and centre.
Radford stated:Joe plays with a really impressive mindset and I think that can be extremely infectious.
His utility value is enormous, being able to play at loose-froward or hooker. Our squad is smaller in size for 2020 but his usefulness makes up for this.

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Hull FC veteran Gareth Ellis signs new deal for 2020 season


Boxing odds are offered throughout the year even for battles which are far away or have yet to happen. Boxing stakes can be placed at any time.

We provide a complete post on the Anthony Josua vs Andy Ruiz fight odds, which is another boxing large event.
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The Top Rated Hockey Betting Sites in 2019

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