Liverpool legend John Barnes has backed Jurgen Klopp’s staff to end their title-drought and eventually win the Premier League this year.
Liverpool have never raised the Premier League, with their last title coming in the old First Division in 1990.
Klopp’s side did win the Champions League last season and Barnes believes asserting their first trophy will lead to additional success.
He told Sky Sports News:”Last season, in addition to Liverpool were playing right to the finish, I believed that Manchester City would win the league.
“This season I think Liverpool will win this league. They have this determination, this particular drive now that they have won a prize together with Jurgen Klopp.
“What Klopp has instilled into this group isn’t any excuses. So when teams give themselves excuses – they come back late or because players are hurt – they will fall points as they can fall points.
“Klopp will not and he’s instilled that to the team and the fans. The players know, irrespective of whether they are playing, there are not any excuses. That’s Liverpool’s strength”
Barnes, who spent ten years as a player at Anfieldand last weekend played down the on-field dispute between Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane at Burnley.
Mane reacted angrily after his strike-partner failed to pass him the ballbut Barnes said:”The most important issue is there is no hangover from it, and with Liverpool there won’t be.
“He’s individual and Jurgen Klopp stated himself’these things happen’, however there will not be a spill-over out of that.
“Ideally you don’t need this to happen as you don’t want to make disharmony, but that’s not likely to become a problem.”

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