Boxing odds are offered throughout the year even for battles which are far away or have yet to happen. Boxing stakes can be placed at any time.

We provide a complete post on the Anthony Josua vs Andy Ruiz fight odds, which is another boxing large event.
In order to successfully wager boxing, one must first understand how to bet and the odds mean. Boxing chances can manifest in many different ways however, the three most frequent formats are: decimal, fraction, and American.

boxing betting tips

The way to read boxing odds depends on what’s easiest for each sportsbook gives you the choice to switch the format for the odds.

There are several ways to bet boxing, but let’s go through the most common types of bets.

Boxing Moneyline odds
The moneyline is when you pick which boxer wins the game, straight-up. No extra conditions. This is actually the bread-and-butter of boxing gambling. This is the default bet you will come across in sportsbooks and can be available in every kind of sport (as there is always a winner and loser).

In the event of a draw or no competition, your funds will be returned (known as a”push”) unless there’s explicitly an option to wager on a draw.

Boxing Outright chances
Outright chances are odds for the outcome of a future event. Although rare in boxing, this is a favorite among punters from the Las Vegas gaming arena. In boxing, this is when you gamble on which boxer wins a tournament or match until the event starts. It is typically offered in sportsbooks.

A good example of this could be a Grand Prix where many boxers fight each other in a single elimination style bracket very similar to tennis. An outright bet is going to be opened before the tournament starts and you can bet on which fighter wins the whole tournament.

These odds can be rewarding because of the amount of matches a boxer has to win. As the tournament progresses, the chances will change or will be removed from the board entirely.

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